Interactive Game Demos

What do you deliver?

The finished product is a .swf file which runs on the Flash Player, a nearly-universal platform for rich multimedia content around the internet. With the finished file, you can host it on your own webpage, embed it in a Facebook .swf player, or even deliver it directly to clients.

In addition, if you so desire, I will host the game on my website, along with a brief summary of the rules (and strategy discussion, if possible), at no additional charge. With one Total Gaming Science link emailed to your clients, you can begin promoting your game before your finished internet presence is built.

What do I need to provide?

Besides the rules and paytables of your new game? Absolutely nothing. We can provide a stock felt with basic labelled betting spots, along with stock graphics for cards, chips and controls to give your game a modern look and feel that’s easy to use and attractive to your customers.

What if I want to customize the game?

Want to see unique animations? If you can describe them, we can provide them!
Want to use your own table felt? Send it on down, we can put it in!
Want to use your own branded cards and chips? We can do that too!

What if the game changes down the road?

Once the game is completed to the original specifications, changes can be made to the game if your rules or paytables change. Such changes would require billable time, and would be negotiated fully before work begins. If you did your math analysis through Total Gaming Science, a bundled quote for the rule changes and demo changes can be worked, if so desired.

Okay, I’m convinced; where can I see them in action?

The following game demos show off the basic look and feel of our stock graphics and controls:

The following games were built using custom graphics provided by the clients, along with unique animations and features by request:

  • 3-to-1 Blackjack, a blackjack game with a side bet that pays 3:1 if the player wins whenever his first two cards dealt are the same color, by Superstar Gaming Ltd.
  • Lucky 13s Blackjack, a blackjack variant with an expanded deck, by Engaging Table Games Pty LTD.

The following games were designed by Galaxy Gaming, and feature custom art and graphics created for an overarching theme for a suite of games:

The following games were designed by Full Deck Gaming, and feature a mix of both stock and custom graphics and animations.

  • Big and Small, a hand building game using only high-card rankings.
  • Good, Better, Best, a hand building game featuring three hands using customized card dealing animations.
  • Money Back Baccarat, a baccarat variant where the player has two opportunities during the game to increase their bet as cards are revealed, using a customized percent-to-win display.
  • Two Card Win Blackjack, a blackjack sidebet that pays if the player stands on their initial two-card hand and wins.
  • Your Deal Poker, a hybrid draw poker game where the player simultaneously plays against the dealer and a paytable. Note: this demo was designed as a proof of concept only, and a mathematical analysis of the game has not been performed on it.