Royal Deal Poker

Royal Deal Poker is a poker game played with two reduced decks of cards, each containing the ten through ace of each suit, plus one wild card, for a total of 42 cards. The wild card acts as a ‘bug’ rather than a fully wild joker, meaning that it can either be a suitless ace, or any missing card in a straight, flush or straight flush.

Players begin by making the mandatory Ante wager and, if so desired, the optional Bonus wager. The player will then receive three cards and then decide whether to fold (forfeiting these bets) or make a Play wager equal to their Ante wager. The player must beat the dealer to win the Ante wager, and losing to the dealer results in the loss of both Ante and Play wagers.

The Bonus wager depends only on the player’s final hand, and is paid according to a paytable, as are the winning Play wagers. The paytables appear below the demo file.

Click here to open the Royal Deal Poker demo

Ante Wager Paytable:

  • Player wins: 1:1
  • Player ties: (push)
  • Player loses: (loss)

Play Wager Paytable:

  • Player wins, natural royal flush: 100:1
  • Player wins, natural five aces: 60:1
  • Player wins, wild five aces: 60:1
  • Player wins, five of a kind, other: 30:1
  • Player wins, wild royal flush: 15:1
  • Player wins, four aces, natural: 10:1
  • Player wins, four aces, wild: 8:1
  • Player wins, four of a kind, other: 4:1
  • Player wins, full house: 2:1
  • Player wins, flush 2:1
  • Player wins, natural straight 1:1
  • Player wins, wild straight: 1:1
  • Player wins, three of a kind: 1:1
  • Player wins, all other hands: (push)

Bonus Wager Paytable:

  • Natural royal flush: 500:1
  • Natural five aces: 500:1
  • Wild five aces: 300:1
  • Five of a kind, other: 200:1
  • Wild royal flush: 80:1
  • Four aces, natural: 25:1
  • Four aces, wild: 12:1
  • Four of a kind, other: 6:1
  • Full house: 1:1
  • Flush 1:1
  • Natural straight 1:1
  • Wild straight: (push)
  • Trips: (push)
  • All others: (loss)