Why choose us?

Charles Mousseau here, President of Total Gaming Science.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re considering taking on our services, but you want to be convinced as to why you should choose Total Gaming Science to do your work for you — certainly a fair question.

I know you have a choice of mathematicians and consulting labs to work with, to help turn your ideas for a game into reality.

I’d like to touch on reasons why I think you should use us.

We are connected.

Yours truly has spent years establishing connections within the gaming industry.

My name has been seen by gaming commissions in Nevada, Washington State, Missouri and Mississippi. It’s been seen in parts of Canada and parts of the UK. It’s been seen by casino operators in California and Nevada. Both BMM testlabs and Gaming Labs International have my email address on file from the times I’ve assisted their independent approval process for larger jurisdictions.

We are professional.

This company is my full-time endeavour.

The casino industry is my full-time surroundings. And this attitude doesn’t just reflect in the time and effort I put into doing your analysis, or the amount of money and time spent in keeping abreast of the gambling world at large, but out of a respect for the casino industry itself. As an example, when recreationally gambling, despite certainly being qualified, I do not engage in “advantage play”, nor will I freely disseminate information on how to exploit proprietary¬†games. Even my recreation time is spent in support of the industry in which you hope to enter.

If nothing else, with gamblers, it takes one to know one.

We are qualified.

With a B. Sc. in computer science, seven years experience as a computer programmer, five years as a full-time casino dealer and over seven years in the gaming mathematics industry, my qualifications are certainly in place for crafting your game report or other mathematical needs.

Which is not to say I’ve never made a mistake or never will again; but they are corrected with the same workmanlike and conscientious fashion you would expect from someone who takes pride in his work.

We are technologically adept.

Our current software library runs on a high end Mac Pro workstation and takes advantage of Mac OS’s incredibly efficient parallel processing routines to produce results as fast as possible with the utmost of accuracy. And, as technology improves, so will our methodology and so will our hardware.

Total Gaming Science has a mandate to be the best, and you can’t be the best without the best tools and the best technology.

We are enthusiastic.

Given what you’ve already read, this may well go without saying, but such is my nature that I’ll say it anyways: I have a burning passion for this kind of work in this kind of industry. Of course, such a passion can only be expressed in words for so long.

The best way to see this last point for yourself? Contact us with your written abstract of your new game or new idea, and you’ll see for yourself.