Big and Small

Big and Small is a game played with one standard deck of cards. Players will receive 5 cards and their hands will automatically be sorted into two hands: The top hand, consisting of the highest and lowest card, and the bottom hand, consisting of the second highest and second lowest card. These two hands will be used to resolve the Top and Bottom wager respectively. Note that in this game, aces are strictly low.

The remaining card will be used to resolve the Middle wager, paying 20:1 if that card is an ace or a king, 1:1 if it is a 6 through 8, or loses otherwise. The dealer’s middle card has no bearing on the game.

Finally, the player may wager on the five-card poker hand contained in the player or the dealer’s five card hand. Paytable below the demo.

Click here to open the Big And Small demo

Hand Payout
Jacks or Better 1:1
Two Pair 4:1
Trips 10:1
Straight or Flush 20:1
Full house 30:1
Quads 100:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Royal Flush 1000:1

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