Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best is played with a standard deck of playing cards. The player and dealer will each get six cards, and will use those six cards to make three two-card hands, which are ranked by standard poker rankings (pairs first, then no pairs).

Each of the three hands will play against the dealer’s three hands; if the dealer’s 3rd best hand isn’t at least 7-6 or better, the “Good” wager will always push. Otherwise, winning wagers pay even money, and players win copies.

Players may also make sidebets on how low the highest card will be in the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand, or make a sidebet that they will win all their hands.

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Highest Card Wagers

Highest Card, Payout
3 1,000:1
4 100:1
5 50:1
6 20:1
7 10:1
8 4:1
9 3:1
Ten 2:1
Jack or Queen 1:1
King or Ace loss

Win Three Wager

Outcome Payout
Dealer qualifies, player wins all three hands 3:1
Dealer doesn't qualify, player wins two remaining hands 2:1
All other outcomes loss

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