Ultimate Race

Ultimate Race is a new casino game by OK Gaming PTY Ltd, where the object is to reach a total of at least 31 (using standard blackjack scoring) in five cards or less.  If both sides reach at least 31, tie breaking rules are used to pick a winner.  Players make an initial bet and after seeing their first two cards, must choose to make a second bet to stay in action, or fold and forfeit the bet.

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OK Gaming PTY Ltd has provided the following information on the game:

Race to 31 to win.

Ultimate Race is a simple, fun and exciting game where if you have fewer cards than the dealer, you win. For example, player reaches 31 (or more) in 4 cards vs dealer 5 cards, player wins.

It’s that simple.

If you have reached 31 (or more) in the same number of cards as the dealer then you still have a chance to win with an exact total of 31 or a higher valued last card than the dealer.

The only choice you make is to “RACE” or fold after your first 2 cards are dealt. Once you decide to “RACE” sit back and race to the finish line.


We also have an additional “BONUS” bet that pays up to 50 to 1 which is based on the players cards alone to add to the excitement.

Getting Started

Make an Ante bet to play and the optional Pitlane Bonus bet.

You are then dealt 2 cards and now have the choice to “Race” or fold.

To “Race” place a bet of an amount equal to the Ante bet inside the Race bet area.

Winning and Losing

You win if you achieve 31 (or more) in less cards than the dealer.

If you achieve 31 (or more) in the same amount of cards as the dealer, it is called a “Deadheat”. A “Deadheat” winner is determined by the following rankings.

An exact total of 31

Highest value last card.

The Ante and Race bets pay even money.

Pitlane Bonus Bet

This optional wager is based on the player’s cards alone and is based on achieving an exact total of 31. Refer to Paytable for odds.

Basic Strategy

Fold if your first 2 cards total 9 or less.