Three Card Lowball Poker

Three Card Lowball Poker is a poker game where both the player and the dealer try and make the lowest possible three card poker hand, with aces counting as low, and straights and flushes counting against the player — that is, the best possible hand is 4-2-A of two or more suits.

In this game, however, no-pair hands are scored differently, on a point count system (aces are worth one, jacks 11, queens 12, kings 13, all other cards worth their pip count). If both sides have a no-pair hand, the lowest point count wins. For instance, in standard lowball poker, a 6-5-3 would beat an 8-2-A as 6 is lower than 8; however, in this game, a 6-5-3 is 14 points, and would lose to the 8-2-A which counts as 11.

Both the player and dealer get two draw rounds, first a draw of 1 or 2 cards, then a draw of 1 card. The house plays by a standard house way that involves breaking up pat hands and discarding cards 8 or higher.

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On a win or tie, the Ante wager is paid even money and the Bonus wager is paid according to the following paytable.

Bonus Wager:

Event Payout
7 Points 5:1
8 Points 4:1
9 Points 3:1
10 Points 1:1
All others (push)