Color Tris

Color Tris is a casino game where the player will attempt to make three cards in a “group” before the dealer either makes three cards in a group, or a king is dealt.

Other than the king, both the player and dealer have three groups of two cards each, and each card dealt goes into that group. If the player gets three cards in a group, they will win based on the composition of that group:

  • Same rank, same suits (Top Tris) = 10:1
  • Different ranks, same suits (Color Tris) = 5:1
  • Same rank, different suits (Full Tris) = 3:1
  • Different ranks, different suits (Normal Tris) = 2:1

In addition, the player may make the “Simple Color” wager, which can win on either the player or the dealer groups. Paytable is below.

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  • Same rank, same suits = 10:1
  • Any ranks, same color (that is, all red cards or all black cards) = 6:1
  • All others lose